Music for a Saturday Night: Mancini’s “Mr. Lucky” #SOTW

Music for a Saturday Night: Mancini’s “Mr. Lucky” #SOTW

Mr. Lucky

Burbank’s awesome Atomic Records tweeted on Wednesday that they were offloading their 50¢ records for free that day. I happened to have business on the East Side so I made sure to pop in. My haul was fairly epic and limited to almost entirely unknown entities.

Aside from a couple classical favorites, I grabbed any record that looked interesting. And Henri Mancini‘s score for the short-lived TV series Mr. Lucky perfectly  fit that bill. What a great album cover! That alone sold me but I did know that Mancini was a pretty safe bet.

Sitting in the living room of a Saturday evening, getting ready for a night out, I’m spinning the record. It’s a strangely mixed bag: some of it corny organ themes, some of it great, deeply layered orchestral music with some fine lead bassoon here and there.

One particularly excellent track is “Softly,” a mellow but tense guitar-and-horns-driven tune that foreshadows by a couple of years perhaps the most renowned movie theme of all time.

The show itself (1959-60) seems to have had promise but after the sponsor (a soap company) pressured the network into changing the location from a casino to a restaurant, the show petered out in its second season, never to be heard from again.